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Complainant Name:
Mr David Benjamin

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Evening Standard


Mr David Benjamin of Kent said that he had been interviewed by The Guardian newspaper for an article on Maths reforms. Subsequently, a journalist from the Evening Standard submitted the content of an article he was writing for the complainants comments following a conversation they had had on the same topic. The complainant said that he suggested a few changes and asked that the journalist check his facts on the manner in which Maths was taught in Australia. The complainant then saw that the newspaper had published a short letter, claiming to be from him, which was out of context with many of his views missing.


The newspaper said that there had been a genuine misunderstanding and offered to publish a letter from the complainant with an attached apology reading: On 29 June we printed a letter which, due to a misunderstanding, did not accurately reflect Mr Benjamins views, for which we apologise.

The complainant was happy with the newspapers offer and agreed to resolve his complaint on this basis because, given that he was happy with the way in which his views were expressed in The Guardian article, he saw no benefit in expressing his views in a different newspaper.

Report: 73

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