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Complainant Name:
Mr Gary Waugh

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Gloucestershire Echo


Mr Gary Waugh complained through his solicitors Knight Polson that an article had contained a number of inaccuracies in relation to his trial, the charges he was sentenced for, and his role in the credit card scam.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper published the following clarification: 'In an article published in the Echo on June 13, 2006, it was stated that Gary Waugh, of Station Road, Gloucester, was jailed for seven years for masterminding an £870,000 credit card scam. We have been asked to point out that Waugh was sentenced to 24 months for two offences of handling goods valued at £24,000, 12-24 months for five proceeds of crime offences and five years consecutive for drug supply offences. Further, the article stated that Waugh's gang told Royal Mail worker Ali Dahir to take the cards posted by Oberthur or he and his family would be hurt. No evidence of this was opened to the court. It was accepted by the Crown Counsel that Waugh was not directly related with such threats. The article implied that Waugh was substantially involved in relation to the £870,000. No facts were presented to the court to suggest Mr Waugh was linked to the full extent of the scam. No evidence was presented to the court to suggest that Waugh had a gang that was making money, or could make money, from the Oberthur cards. No evidence was placed before the court to suggest that Mr Waugh was the 'kingpin', a term used by a police officer after the court hearing, or that a gang run by Mr Waugh used more than 3,000 cards to buy £870,000 worth of goods'.

Report: 73

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