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Complainant Name:
John G James

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Daily Mail


John G. James complained that an article contained the views of a doctor who believed that mercury fillings did not poison human beings.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper published a letter reflecting the complainants contrary view with the following wording:

Dr Janey Huber's claim that mercury fillings don't poison human beings (Good Health) is the current opinion of conventional medicine but is definitely not a fact. Many complimentary practitioners believe exactly the opposite. Some believe it will be shown to be the biggest mass poisoning in human history.

The US Federal Drugs Administration agreed with Dr Huber for years but, in 2006, convened a 20-person committee to review the evidence. That committee decided by 13 members to seven that there is sufficient evidence to prove that mercury fillings are unsafe for human use.

Everyone agrees mercury is dangerous. The World Health Organisation says mercury fillings are the greatest contributor to the total body burden of mercury in humans and a study in Tubingen of 20,000 patients proved that mercury is released from fillings in proportion to the number of fillings in the mouth.

If the mercury passes relatively quickly through the body, its damaging effect is minimal. But if the mercury is retained, the damage can be extensive, depending on where the mercury is situated. The ability to excrete mercury depends on race, gender, genetic disposition, environment, type of exposure and the form of mercury ingested.

Calgary University has a video showing the effect of mercury on brain neurons, as happens in the brains of Alzheimers patients. Autistic brains have been shown to have the same damage as that produced in Alzheimers brains and autistic children retain mercury probably from their mothers amalgam fillings.

More research is needed but the latest findings should spell the end of amalgam fillings in the US. A Bill currently before Congress proposed a ban on mercury in dental fillings from 2008. It will take more than 100 years to get mercury out of our population but new Chelation products are being developed to speed up its removal. We must start a process in the UK to ban the use of this filling material.

Report: 74

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