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Complainant Name:
Sir Andrew Green

Clauses Noted: 1



Sir Andrew Green, the Chairman of Migrationwatch UK, complained that a leader column was inaccurate in implying that Migrationwatchs analysis of the economic benefit of migration was tendentious and that organisation sought to spread prejudice and misinformation.


The matter was resolved when the Tablet published the following letter from the complainant:

An editorial in your January issue described as "tendentious" Migrationwatch analysis which suggested that the economic benefit of migration is marginal.

Some government ministers are still claiming that immigrants comprise 8% of the workforce while contributing 10% of GDP. This has been rejected by the Statistics Commission, the independent watchdog, because it counts only those in work - ignoring higher unemployment among immigrants and a smaller proportion of their womenfolk in paid employment. Accordingly, the governments latest Parliamentary answer revises their claim to 10.5% of adults producing 11% of GDP. Most people would regard this as marginal.

As for labour shortages, there were about 600,000 vacancies in 2001. Now, after net immigration of nearly 1 million, there are still 600,000 vacancies. Clearly, immigrants create jobs as well as filling them, so this argument leads to an endless cycle of immigration.

Migrationwatch are putting forward the facts of the case so that the public can reach their own conclusions and so that the political system can respond as appropriate. We are certainly not among those who your editorial implied are "spreading prejudice and misinformation on these matters".

Report: 75

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