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Complainant Name:
Ms Patricia McKeever

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: The Times


Ms Patricia McKeever, Editor of the religious newsletter Catholic Truth, complained that an article headlined Catholic witch-hunt to expose gay clergy (18 June 2007) contained a number of inaccuracies. In particular, the complainant was concerned that the article focused on the publications stance in regard to homosexuality which, she said, represented a tiny percentage of its work which in reality covered a full range of Church issues. In addition, the complainant wished to make clear that rather than actively seeking homosexual priests the publication reacted only to information provided by concerned Catholic priests and laity. As such, the characterisation of the publications work as a witch-hunt or homophobic was misleading. The complainant also raised a number of other points in relation to the manner in which the newsletter operated and her own personal circumstances as part of the complaint.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper which acknowledged each of the points raised by the complainant and conceded that the sub-editing process had caused some errors but did not accede to her request for a published letter on the matter appended a note to its internal database and library to reflect the disputed issues. The complainant wished for there to be a public record of the complaint on the Commissions website and in its bi-annual report.

Report: 75

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