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Complainant Name:
Paul Frayne

Clauses Noted: 1, 5

Publication: Daily Express


Paul Frayne of Lancashire complained about an article which reported on the death of his nephew, Ryan Frayne, in Australia. The complainant raised concerns about the following issues: that the article speculated that his nephew had fled the country because of an accident; and that it speculated that he had committed suicide through a drug overdose when the inquest into his death had only just opened and the cause of his death was at that time unknown.


The newspaper argued that it was entitled to report on the information it had received from police in Australia that drugs had been found at the scene and that they were not treating the death as suspicious.

That said, the newspaper accepted that the reference to suicide in the headline was inaccurate and it therefore published the following correction that also made clear that Ryan had not fled the country.

Ryan Frayne Apology

In our article Drugs suicide of driver who killed girl of 3 we said that Ryan Frayne had fled Britain after his van killed a little girl. We have been asked by the family to point out that Ryan had not fled the country and it is incorrect to call his death a suicide. Until the Coroner reaches a verdict, the facts of his death remain under investigation.

In addition, the newspapers representative wrote a letter of apology to the complainants family and removed the article from its website. The complaint was resolved on this basis.

Report: 76

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