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Complainant Name:
Mrs Harriet Bullock

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Yours


Mrs Harriet Bullock of Suffolk complained that her story as one of a group of campaigning widows fighting for a public inquiry after their haemophiliac husbands had been given contaminated blood contained inaccuracies.


The complaint was resolved when the magazine published the following correction and apology:

Our article of 27 March headlined We want the truth featured the story of Mrs Harriet Bullock in regard to the infection of haemophiliacs with contaminated blood. We have been asked to make clear that the purpose of the ongoing public enquiry, brought about by Lord Morris of Manchester, is not to award compensation but rather to establish culpability. Mrs Bullock, who is not a beneficiary of any scheme, does not consider the Government scheme to be unfair but rather inadequate. In addition, Mrs Bullock does not fight on when she thinks of her husband being buried, as he was not. Finally, Mrs Bullock has indicated that, contrary to the quotation attributed to her, she does not know if other wives struggle to make ends meet. We are happy to make these points clear and apologise for any distress caused to Mrs Bullock.

Report: 76

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