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Complainant Name:
Ms Jacqueline Sharp

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Sunday Mail


Ms Jacqueline Sharp complained that an article was inaccurate in stating that she was a professional dominatrix who charged clients hundreds of pounds and advertised her services on an adults-only website. She provided documentation from an NHS GU Clinic to back up her complaint that she was not a sex worker and a letter from Lothian and Borders Police to show that she does not have a criminal record. Ms Sharp also disputed a number of claims made by her ex-boyfriend, Mark Stewart.


The matter was resolved in full and final settlement when the newspaper published the following statement setting out the complainants position:

On 22 April 2007 we reported that Jacqueline Sharp, a worker for the Citizens Advice Bureau, advertised dominatrix services for sale on her own adults-only website. Ms Sharp, who did not wish to comment at the time, now wishes to say that she did not provide these services and that her site (although not mentioning this) was purely a research tool for a book she is writing. She did not reveal her identity on the site nor did the pictures of her on the website show her face. In our report we said that Ms Sharp and her ex-husband, Patrick Harrington, had obtained an interdict against her former boyfriend Mark Stewart (who was quoted in the article). In fact, they had separate interdicts.

Report: 76

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