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Complainant Name:
Denise Davies

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Real Homes magazine


Denise Davies of Aberystwyth complained about a feature which reported on the renovation of her familys former flat by the couple to whom it had been sold. The complainant said that the article had misrepresented the condition of the flat making the following specific points: that the flat was not derelict or a complete wreck; that it did not comprise six bedsits; that the loft had already been converted; and that the flat was not carpeted to any extent. The complainant provided the property details used by estate agents at the time of the flat sale, and a letter from her builder, to support her position.


The magazine sought to explain that the feature necessarily represented the homeowners subjective memories of the property before they decided to renovate and, in such circumstances, it was not possible to talk to previous owners to ensure the accuracy of those recollections. However, given the supporting documents provided by the complainant, the magazine agreed not to syndicate the story and to publish the following clarification:

Further to our article We renovated this flat from top to bottom in Dec/Jan 2008 issue of Real Homes, we would like to clarify that the flat bought by Salia Samai-Chow and Carl Chow wasnt derelict or a complete wreck but in need of modernisation and had never been made up of bedsits: it was a converted four-bedroom flat with loft space as shown on our pages.

The complaint was resolved on that basis.

Report: 76

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