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Complainant Name:
Trevor Beswick

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Wigan Evening Post


Trevor Beswick of Wigan complained on behalf of his wife Cllr Jean Beswick that two letters had been published giving the misleading impression that her vote in favour of giving planning permission for a golf course and marina was an effective vote in favour of extra traffic on Cale Lane. He said that Cllr Beswick was not in favour of extra traffic on Cale Lane because the hard core for the development would, in any case, have to travel in that direction.


The newspaper published the following clarification which the complainant accepted as a resolution to the complaint.

A letter published in the Wigan Evening Post, on December 28 2007, stated that Coun Jean Beswick, in voting for the New Springs marina project, was in favour of the sanction of 80 more wagons to be able to use the road in connection with the new golf course and marina.

Coun Beswick believes that this letter meant that she had, in effect, voted for more traffic on Cale Lane. Another letter from Coun Hilton published on 12th January 2008 reinforced that claim.

In fact, Coun Beswick insists that the hard core produced on the industrial site has to go along Cale Lane whether it was going to a nearby marina site or elsewhere and that there will be no difference in the amount of traffic on Cale Lane.

Coun Beswick has asked us to point that she is sympathetic to the problems of the Cale Lane residents and has always been active in trying to improve conditions. We are happy to clarify this.

Report: 77

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