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Complainant Name:
A woman

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Rugby Advertiser


A woman complained that an article about a police search for her daughter gave the misleading impression that she regularly claimed to have been abducted; in fact, this was the first time that the complainant had contacted police for help in finding her daughter, who had not previously made such a claim. The complainant was also concerned that the article had misrepresented the time that the police search had lasted, and considered that the amount of personal information about her daughter in the article was excessive.


While the newspaper did not accept that its coverage had been inaccurate, the complaint was resolved when it published the following clarification:

We have been asked to clarify some facts that have emerged further to the article entitled Police forced into action over fake attack', printed on page 3 of the April 24th edition of the Rugby Advertiser. Officers located the 8 year old girl just 35 minutes after she was reported missing by her family on 21 April. At no time did the family report that she had been abducted. This was the first time the police had been called to search for the girl. The family of the girl were disappointed at the amount of personal information that was reported, which has caused them distress.

Report: 77

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