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Complainant Name:
Mr Norman Hill

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: North-West Evening Mail


Mr Norman Hill of Barrow complained that a published letter written by William O’Brien – a member of the People’s Party – contained the inaccurate claim that at one time he had been ‘one of our allies’. Although he knew of Mr O’Brien, the complainant had never met him and would never be allied to the People’s Party. The complainant raised additional concerns about the letter, including over Mr O’Brien’s questioning of the reason for his failure to be elected in the recent election.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper published a letter from the complainant in the following terms:

People’s Party member William O’Brien stated we were once “allies” (Evening Mail, June 16).

I categorically state that I do not know, nor have ever conversed or communicated with William O’Brien and I would never be an “ally” of publicity-seeking political opportunists and their leader J Hamezeian, known as the People’s Party.

Mr O’Brien “wonders why?” councillor J Hamezeian was re-elected for Ormsgill Ward when I failed to be elected in Central Ward.

Well it is really quite simple – I only obtained enough votes to achieve third position in a competition of five candidates. But of course William O’Brien must surely know that it is how democracy works – so why the question?

Is he implying he knows of other reasons for my lack of success in the May election? If so, he should, in fairness, identify them so I may have an opportunity to respond. If not, exactly what is the purpose of his question?

Report: 77

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