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Complainant Name:
Mr Michael Webb

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: The Sun


Mr Michael Webb, the Town Clerk for Dover Council, complained that the newspaper had inaccurately suggested the Council itself had been duped by a conman posing as the singer in Status Quo. In fact, the alleged imposter dealt only with one former Councillor, who was not acting with the authority of the Council. There was no money wasted by the Council on the matter and the individual was not driven in a limousine. The complainant was concerned that the newspaper republished the claims even after he had drawn its attention to the errors.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper removed the articles from its website, undertook not to republish the claims, made a donation to charity, arranged for follow-up coverage about Dover, and published the following letter:

Further to your numerous articles about Dover Town Council and a man posing as Status Quos Francis Rossi, I would like to make clear Dover Town Council has not spent any money on this matter, no Council decision has been made as the Council has not been involved and there has been no unauthorised use of the Mayoral car.

Report: 78

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