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Complainant Name:
Dr David Webster

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Daily Express


Dr David Webster complained that an article headlined "Heading for the UK: 2m desperate Romanians" was inaccurate because the National Census showed that only around 1 million youths wished to emigrate from Romania (with approximately 210,000 citing the UK as their preferred destination). The complainant argued that the newspaper had deliberately tried to mislead its readers with exaggerated immigration statistics.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper published a duly prominent correction in the following terms:

Our May 16 article "Heading for the UK, 2m desperate Romanians" reported in good faith on a survey by the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport. It has been drawn to our attention that the figures in the article based on those supplied by a news agency may have been misinterpreted. We are happy to clarify that whilst a large number of Romanians wish to leave their homeland, they number in the thousands rather than 2 million as was reported. Although there is legitimate concern over both immigration to the UK and the issue of freedom of movement within the EU, 2.4 million is the number of Romanians that have left the country since 1999, with most emigrating to Italy and Spain. It was also reported that 21% of those who wished to emigrate listed the UK as their preferred destination. The correct figure is lower at 16%.

Report: 79

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