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Complainant Name:
Mr Erden Teoman

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Scotland on Sunday


Mr Erden Teoman of Bexleyheath complained that a letter by the Deputy High Commissioner of Cyprus contained a number of inaccuracies regarding the history of the island.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper published a letter from the complainant with the following wording:

"I refer to the Deputy High Commissioner of Cyprus's letter (16 August). Cyprus has been divided on ethnic lines since UN peacekeeping forces landed in 1963, in response to ethnic fighting and attempted genocide towards the Turks of Cyprus. Turkish Cypriots were, at gunpoint, forced out of their role in government. The division was not caused by the events of 1974, which brought lasting peace to Cyprus.

The intervention in 1974 was in response to the action of a Greek junta, which invaded Cyprus and threw out the then president Makarios, killing unknown numbers of both Turkish and Greek Cypriots.

There were many refugees on both sides: the 200,000 Greek Cypriots referred to is an overstatement. There was a population agreement between the two sides of Cyprus, and many Turkish Cypriots left their homes in the south.

The property issue is one which will be taken up in any agreement between the two leaders of the Island, and a recent statement from the British representation offices in Northern Cyprus confirms this. There is a property commission set up in Northern Cyprus; its ruling was accepted by the European Court of Justice. Little is it known that many Turkish Cypriot homes are currently occupied by Greek Cypriots. The suggestion that all hotels are stolen property is incorrect. I know this as my family's hotel is on a pre-1974 title deed, as are thousands of other hotels and properties.

To suggest that Turkish Cypriots or Turkey illegally occupies Cyprus shows an ignorance of the Cypriot constitution, which states that we are equal to the Greek Cypriots and therefore Cyprus is our island as well."

Report: 79

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