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Complainant Name:
Andrew Drapper

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: The Baptist Times


Andrew Drapper of Bridport complained that a review of a television programme about his daughter, Deborah, (‘Deborah 13: Servant of God', shown on BBC3 on 10 March) had inaccurately reported the programme's content.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper published an article written by Deborah Drapper and her mother, Ruth, under the heading ‘A passion for the Gospel':

With her August and September diary fully booked with trips abroad and speaking engagements, you would be forgiven if you thought that Deborah Drapper was an international Christian Conference speaker. Deborah, however, is an ordinary, fourteen year old, Bible believing, Christian, whom God is using in an extra-ordinary way.

Back in March, this year, BBC 3 aired an hour long documentary about this young girl's family, life, and faith, called "Deborah 13: Servant of God. Now fourteen she has a testimony of how God has used this film and her witness that is quite amazing.

When the Drapper family agreed to the film being made they had no idea that God would use this documentary to share the gospel in every continent, across the world. Through Deborah's blog thousands of people have contacted her since the film. "I have had emails from all sorts of people: Christians encouraging me, angry atheists, professionals, mums and dads, people from most world religions and faiths, and even university students asking me deep theological and philosophical questions!" Deborah reports. " It has surprised me how this documentary has inspired so many people from so many different types of life."

A lot of people, having heard the gospel for the first time via the film, have been bought to a point of repentance and salvation and have been put in contact with their local churches. Many more have been stirred in their hearts to obey the great commission that Jesus gave to every true believer, and have been directed to The Way Of The Master evangelism training materials, which Deborah has used to gain her confidence in evangelism, and was shown on the film. Teams of Christians, in places such as Canada, China, Romania, America, as well as here in the UK are now going out onto the streets too, to share their faith with others. There has been such a response across Europe that The Way Of The Master team, who run four day evangelism training events called The Ambassador's Academy in America, are considering whether to run a European Ambassador's Academy here in the UK.

Through numerous radio interviews, TV shows, newspaper articles, school visits, and events,

Deborah has been able to continue motivating and encouraging groups around the world. Deborah says, "Technology is brilliant and with my webcam and Skype I have been able to answer questions asked live by students from a school in Canada. Since the film I have also been to talk at a school Christian Union and done some evangelism training for students at a Christian school in the UK."

She continues, "In September I will be leading evangelism training sessions for young people at the ACE's Home Schooler's Convention, and then a week after that I'll be flying to Cannes, France, where my dad and I will be leading two days of training in evangelism and Raising Godly Children, and then some days of practical experience as we take teams out onto the streets of Cannes for some outreach."

But the highlight for Deborah, this August, is the trip of a life time to America where she will meet with some of the very people from whom she has learned so much herself. "First, I have been invited to meet with Ray Comfort and to be trained at their Ambassador's Academy Evangelism Training School in Los Angeles, then I fly across to Florida where I meet with Eric Hovind from Creation Science Evangelism ministry, and then down to Rick Wiles from TruNews where I have been invited to speak at America's Hope, 1000 seater, mission tent."

"It is so humbling, yet also exciting that God should want to use me to motivate and inspire so many Christians through my life and witness. I'm just fourteen, there is nothing special about me. If I can get out onto the streets and share the gospel then I want to inspire you to too. Get trained and then tell others about God while we still have time and freedom to do so."

The newspaper also published the following editorial note, at the end of the article:

This article has been written by Deborah Drapper and her mother Ruth. A review of the TV programme in which Deborah appeared, which we published on 19th March, contained a number of inaccurate or misattributed quotes from the film. We regret those errors.

Report: 80

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