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Complainant Name:
A man

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Daily Mail


A man complained that a Richard Littlejohn article was inaccurate when it claimed - after the Mayfair jewellery heist - that "most of the robberies in this country have been carried out by Eastern European gangs".


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper - which removed the article from its website and marked its cuttings accordingly - published the following correction in the same column:

A couple of months ago, after a Mayfair jewellery heist, I joked that it was heartening to see good old British blaggers making a comeback against Eastern European rivals who I claimed carried out "most of the robberies in this country". Of course, home grown villains are responsible for the overwhelming majority of robberies in Britain. If I have offended any Balkan gangster, or local blagger come to that, as well as the vigilant reader who complained, I apologise unreservedly for any confusion which may have been caused.

Report: 80

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