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Complainant Name:
Paul Golding

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: The Sun


Paul Golding of the BNP complained that an article was inaccurate in claiming that a dinner organised by the Trafalgar Club (a BNP fundraising organisation) had failed because it did not raise £250,000, as intended. In fact, said the complainant, the dinner was simply a ‘thank you' for members of the club, which hoped to raise £250,000 during the course of 12 months.


The newspaper said the story had come from sources within the BNP, who had claimed that the dinner was the Trafalgar Club's main fundraising event towards achieving its hoped-for annual total. However, the newspaper agreed to amend the online version of the article to include the official BNP position that: "the Trafalgar Club we hope, will raise £250k annually. This Trafalgar Club dinner was a way to say thank you to TC members for their support over the previous year. The dinner was a success. TC members arrived, enjoyed a dinner and speeches, then left. This was not a fundraising meeting". The newspaper also placed a note on its internal files for future reference. The matter was resolved in light of these steps.

Date Published: 80

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