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Complainant Name:
Blackadders Solicitors on behalf of Lorraine Kelly

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Woman


Blackadders Solicitors complained on behalf of Lorraine Kelly that an article which claimed that she had concerns about her role at GMTV and approaching her 50th birthday contained a number of inaccuracies. Moreover, the complainant had not been contacted for comment prior to publication.


The complaint was resolved when the magazine published the following correction, in addition to meeting the complainant's legal fees:

In our April 20 issue, we featured an article headlined "Lorraine's midlife crisis" concerning GMTV presenter Lorraine Kelly. Although this feature was published in good faith, we now accept that it contained some inaccuracies which we are happy to correct. First, contrary to the suggestion that Ms Kelly is insecure about her age, we accept that she has no fears about approaching her 50th birthday, and is not suffering from a midlife crisis. Further, she has not expressed any sense of uneasiness about the new style of GMTV, as stated. Indeed, she is excited by her role, which she finds challenging. She also enjoys a good relationship with her employers and co-workers. Ms Kelly was not unimpressed by the arrival of Emma Crosby, who she views as a valued colleague. We also accept that Ms Kelly does not consider her deal to be "cushy", as claimed by a source in our article. Moreover, it is not the case that Ms Kelly has few career options left: in addition to her GMTV position, Ms Kelly is an author, and journalist, and is working on several other projects. She does not have any concerns that her current position will be terminated. It is not the case - as stated in the article - that Ms Kelly has been approached by Argos regarding a jewellery promotion, or that her employers refused to allow her to take on such an endorsement. Finally, we accept that Ms Kelly is not concerned about the effect that her 50th birthday will have on her career. She is currently writing a book celebrating the older woman, and her view is that age "is just a number". We apologise to Ms Kelly for the inaccuracies and for any distress caused to her.

Date Published: 80

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