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Complainant Name:
Ms Shusma Jain

Clauses Noted: 1, 5

Publication: Woman


Ms Shusma Jain complained that an article about her brother Arvind, who had recently died of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, contained inaccuracies and intruded into the family's grief. In particular, the complainant was concerned by the front cover, which had referred to Fiona Phillips' grief and her vigil at Arvind's hospital bed. While Fiona had visited Arvind in hospital on three occasions - a last wish of his that had been granted by Rays of Sunshine charity - the family made clear that she did not know him well. The complainant also disputed the accuracy of quotes attributed to the family in the article.


The complaint was resolved when the magazine published the following letter from the complainant and her family:

We, as a family, were distressed by your article on the 30th August 09, about Arvind Jain, our son/brother, who died recently of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which was published without our knowledge. We felt this implied that a relative of Fiona Phillips had died. While Fiona visited Arvind in hospital on three occasions - a last wish of his that was granted by the Rays of Sunshine charity - she did not know him well.

We were happy for details about Arvind's illness, which is not well known, to be published, as there is a lack of awareness about it, and a great need for funding for research. However, we were concerned that your article included details about Arvind which we had not released, and attributed quotes to us, his family, which we did not say.

Date Published: 18/02/2010

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