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Complainant Name:
Mr David Lloyd

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Evening Standard


Mr David Lloyd of Chelsea complained to the Press Complaints Commission about the manner in which the newspaper had edited a letter he had submitted for publication. He was particularly concerned that the newspaper had published the line ‘children and grandchildren of family and friends' as ‘my children and grandchildren'. As a single man with no children, he said that this had caused great personal embarrassment locally.

The letter he submitted was as follows:

Too late to catch Wednesday's publication, I have, regrettably, only just read the article by Stephen Robinson.

As a past pupil of the school (1947 to 1952), I have seen what a Cardinal Vaughan education did for me as well as the tremendous progress of children and grandchildren of family and friends over the past 58 years. I am now delighted to see that the school is still pursuing the traditions of my years there although, obviously, they have sadly been forced to ameliorate their disciplinary proceedings by the "do-gooding busybodies" who now believe in a free-for-all for the young and a complete departure from a moral education.

As a still practising Catholic in the Westminster Diocese, I am perturbed at the actions of the Archbishop and the WDES in trying to enforce their demands on the school to lower its very-high standards - educational and in all other directions.

Believing in the Coalition Government's pledge to devolve powers down from the centre to a local level (ie to the people who usually know best), I strongly support Sir Adrian Fitzgerald, Patti Fordyce and the other Governors and Friends of the school who are fighting to maintain its reputation/history and wish them well in their battle. This stupid imposition of Governors who have no real identification with the school and who only wish to introduce an acceptable ideology on an extremely well run institution must be defeated.


The matter was resolved when the PCC negotiated the republication of a corrected version of the complainant's letter, appearing with the following statement appended to it:

This letter was originally published with an editing mistake and we apologise for any misunderstanding that may have resulted.

Date Published: 17/03/2011

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