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Complainant Name:
Mr Edgar Davidson

Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: The Sun


Mr Edgar Davidson of London complained to the Press Complaints Commission that two articles reporting that Israeli troops had been responsible for the deaths of demonstrators were misleading: the first article (16 May) had failed to report Israel's position that fatalities were the result of shooting from the Lebanese army; and the second (6 June) did not make clear that the only claim of fatalities had been made by Syrian state television.


The newspaper undertook to be more circumspect about sources of information when covering Middle East affairs, and to take greater care to report claims by particular sources as such. In addition, the PCC negotiated the publication of a letter from the complainant - the text of which appears below - in the newspaper and below the online versions of the articles of 16 May and 6 June. The complaint was resolved by these measures.

Two items (16 May, 6 June) stating Israel had killed dozens of Palestinian Arab demonstrators were based on false claims provided by Arab terrorist organisations and the tyrannical regime of Syria. The Sun failed to state the source of the claims or present Israel's version of events, which proved to be true. Israel was defending its borders from attack; no deaths were corroborated. Israel is a tiny state smaller than Wales surrounded by terrorist enemies sworn to its destruction. These enemies launch constant rocket and terrorist attacks (normally unreported) targeted at Israeli civilians. Occasionally, after overwhelming provocation (such as above) Israel defends itself. The media should not automatically accept the false narrative of Arabs as victims and Israel as the villain. Israel is the only democracy in the region.

Date Published: 29/07/2011

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