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Complainant Name:
Mr Johnny Farrell

Clauses Noted: 1, 3

Publication: Sunday World


Mr Johnny Farrell complained to the Press Complaints Commission that a page 8 article contained the inaccurate claim that Joanne Morgan - the wife of Barney Morgan - had left her husband for the complainant. The complainant made clear that he had never been involved in a romantic relationship with Mrs Morgan.

Moreover, the complainant rejected the claim that his late father had been involved in the drugs trade, and said that Paddy Farrell had never been charged or convicted in relation to drugs. He was also concerned that the article associated him with the drugs industry, with which he had no connections.


The PCC negotiated the publication of the following correction - initially published on page 19, but subsequently republished on page 6 - in regard to the newspaper's claim that Mrs Morgan had moved in with the complainant:

In our article of 27 February ("Missus walks out on King Coke") we reported that Barney Morgan's wife Joanne had moved in with Johnny Farrell, the son of Paddy Farrell.

We now understand that this is incorrect. Mrs Morgan has not moved in with Mr Farrell, and the two are not involved in a relationship.

We are happy to correct the error. (Cl 1)

The complainant made clear that he was prepared to consider the matter resolved after the republication of the correction.

In regard to the complainant's concern regarding his father's alleged involvement in the drugs trade, the newspaper argued that it was widely accepted that he had been involved. It did not accept that the article had implied that the complainant had any connections to this industry. While the complainant did not pursue these aspects of his complaint, he reserved his position should the claims be repeated.

Date Published: 03/08/2011

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