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Complainant Name:
Mr Callum Chaplin on behalf of Ms Lucy Gamble

Clauses Noted: 1, 4

Publication: Daily Mail


Mr Callum Chaplin complained to the Press Complaints Commission on behalf of Ms Lucy Gamble that an article reporting that she had posted photographs of herself on a magazine's website contained inaccuracies. The complainant also had concerns about the conduct of the freelance reporter who had interviewed Ms Gamble for the article. Specifically, he said that the article was provocative and portrayed Ms Gamble misleadingly as a "rich girl gone bad". The complainant also objected to the newspaper's claim that Ms Gamble's boyfriend had given her "the courage to take things further", indicating instead that - as she had later been quoted in the coverage - she had referred to being older as well as having a long-term boyfriend as factors that had contributed to her being more comfortable with her body image. In addition, the complainant said that conflating Ms Gamble's interests in "drinking" and "men" was misleading, as they were not listed together on her Facebook page. In terms of the conduct of the reporter, the complainant said that she had been reluctant to disclose who gave her Ms Gamble's number, and further that Ms Gamble had been contacted by text on a number of occasions.


While it did not accept that either the content of the article or the conduct of the reporter breached the Editors' Code, the newspaper made clear that the article had been removed from its website and that it had no intention to republish it. It also annotated its databases with the points of the complaint. The complaint was resolved by this action, and by the publication of this summary of the case, which allowed the complainant's concerns to be aired publicly.

Date Published: 16/06/2011

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