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Complainant Name:
Mr Paul Mathieu

Clauses Noted: 2

Publication: Ealing Gazette


Mr Paul Mathieu complained to the Press Complaints Commission that the newspaper had breached Clause 2 (Opportunity to reply) of the Editors' Code of Practice. The newspaper had published a letter from the complainant outlining his concerns about the redevelopment plans for Ealing Broadway Station, and had headlined it "Crossrail is bad news for station". The complainant did not consider this to be an accurate summary of his position, and was further concerned that a letter of response to the complainant's letter inaccurately attributed the headline to the complainant. He submitted a follow-up letter of his own, which was not published.


The complaint was resolved after the PCC negotiated the publication of the complainant's letter, which read:

"Does Crossrail meet our needs?

John Beeston of the Ealing Passenger Transport Users Group says I described Crossrail as ‘bad news' for Ealing Broadway station. I didn't.

What I questioned was if its rebuild meets passengers' needs. The main issues worrying our residents are the absence of escalators, and the lack of a set-down area.

Why were escalators in Crossrail's original station plans - and why have they been taken out?

Mr Beeston thanks the Council for squeezing a third lift out of Crossrail.

The lifts have a quoted capacity of 16 people each. It's unlikely they'll carry half that number.

Consider the twin lifts in the shopping centre. They each have a capacity of 20, but with shopping trolleys and buggies you seldom see more than six or seven people in a lift. At the station, luggage will take up the space.

We'll have three lifts with a probable shared capacity of 20 to 25. But escalators carry 100 passengers a minute.

As for a set-down point, Mr Beeston says, "The luxury of all and sundry dropping people off at the station entrance cannot continue." Why? Who are his ‘all and sundry'?

A family with children; a carer with an elderly client; or a person with mobility problems?

The EPTUG website has a Crossrail section. It contains: a short summary, written several years ago; news from February 2009; and a link to Crossrail's website. That's all.

However, also on the site is a quote from Boris Johnson: "Crossrail will increase service capacity from Ealing by a factor of four."

That should be explained before the station development is approved.

I'm sure the EPTUG has good motives, yet its letter promotes the views of the producers [Crossrail and the Council] over the interests of the consumers. Which is odd for a ‘user group.'

Paul Mathieu


Date Published: 25/04/2014

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