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Complainant Name:
Mr Raafat Gendy

Clauses Noted: 1, 2

Publication: British Medical Journal


Mr Raafat Gendy complained to the Press Complaints Commission about two articles which he considered to have been inaccurate and misleading in breach of Clause 1 (Accuracy) and Clause 2 (Opportunity to reply) of the Editors' Code of Practice. The complainant believed that the articles suggested, incorrectly, that his case before the General Medical Council (GMC) was connected to the widely reported failings in patient care at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust.


The complaint was resolved when the PCC negotiated the publication of the following letter:

The articles published by Clare Dyer about me on 6th February 2014 and 6th March 2014 appeared to give a wrong impression that there could be a connection between my GMC case and the multiple failings of the trust. In fact there is no connection between the two.

I have not been involved in anyway whatsoever in the trust multiple failings as identified by the Frances QC inquiry. None of the patients in the report were under my care. Indeed I have raised the alarm in good time when the trust gave priority to meeting government targets at the expense of patient's safety.

Regarding my GMC case, I have provided evidence that the process of performance assessment was fundamentally flawed and the decision to refer my case to FTP panel, based on such assessment, was both unreasonable and unfair. I have challenged the decision in the high court but the high court hearing has not taken place before the FTP hearing. In any case the FTP panel has rejected the GMC allegations and regardless of any court action I believe the GMC should investigate what appeared to be a significant dysfunction in the assessment process

Date Published: 01/08/2014

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