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The PCC today welcomes the announcement of the terms of the inquiry into media ethics (13 July 2011)

The Press Complaints Commission today welcomes the announcement of the terms of the inquiry into media ethics.

Last week, the Commission issued a statement making clear its intention to review its own constitution and funding arrangements, the range of sanctions available to it, and its practical independence.

This will become a key contribution to the inquiry. Like the Prime Minister, the PCC remains committed to the establishment of a more effective system, one that supports appropriate freedoms, but demands the highest ethical standards. The PCC, and its independent members (who are in the majority), has led the call for appropriate reform. We welcome the consensus of Parliament that the model of regulation for the press should continue to be a non-statutory one.

The idea of reformed media practices is one that is supported by the PCC, and must be supported by the industry itself.

It has been striking that the volume of complaints and contact from members of the public to the PCC has been undiminished by events of recent days. This bears witness to the fact that the necessary work of the Commission, through its dedicated staff, is accepted as valuable. This is a public service that must go on during the inquiry, or members of the public will suffer.

We look forward to contributing to the work of Lord Justice Leveson.


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1. For more information, please contact Jonathan Collett on 020 7438 1246 or 07740 896805;

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