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Madeleine Moon MP praises PCC's work on reporting of suicide

Madeleine Moon, Member of Parliament for Bridgend, has praised the PCC's work on the reporting of suicide in an interview in The House magazine.

Mrs Moon is Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention, and recalled her experience following a spate of suicides in the Bridgend area in 2007 and 2008.

In the interview, Mrs Moon said:

"The press's characterisation of her constituency as "death town" and lurid speculation about "suicide cults" still rankles.

"It was very badly reported," she says. "The Press Complaints Commission, greatly derided as a result of Leveson, came down to Bridgend.

"I think they were quite shocked. They came to interface with local people who were saying what had been happening. It was not me - they were the ones that made the real big impact."

Mrs Moon says that the PCC "quietly" started working with the national newspapers about their coverage of suicide.

"I speak very highly of the PCC, they have really made a difference".


You can read a perspective on the work of the PCC by Madeleine Moon here, which formed part of our Annual Review for 2010. The Samaritans, with whom we regularly liaise on editorial training and other initiatives, also contributed this perspective.

There is some information about the PCC event in Bridgend in 2008 here.

The Editors' Codebook, a handbook for journalists and editors, was revised in 2009 to include a new guidance note on the reporting of suicide. The text of this is available to read on the PCC website here.

The full interview with Madeleine Moon can be read here.


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