An open letter
from the Chairman

2009 was a big year for the PCC and 2010 has continued at an even more hectic pace.
Baroness Buscombe

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Q&A with a
public Commissioner

Ian Nichol talks about his work for the PCC, including what happens at Commission meetings and how he would like to improve the organisation.

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A day in the life of the complaints department

Find out what really goes on at the PCC in this insight into how the complaints department works.

Listening and improving

The PCC is constantly developing as an organisation. This section gives examples of some of the feedback we've had in 2009 and sets out how we plan to improve further in 2010.

Protecting the
most vulnerable

Our work helping individuals who find themselves at the centre of a big media story is one of the valuable things we do.

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About the Commission

There are 17 members of the Commission, each of whom brings their own personal expertise and experience.

Behind the scenes

We do a lot of work as well as dealing with formal complaints. Read more about how we can stop media harassment and offer advice 24/7.

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