Financial report

The PCC's income comes from the raising of levies on press organisations. In order for the PCC to retain a suitable distance from the industry, this funding is organised by a third party, the Press Standards Board of Finance (PressBof).

Here are extracts from the Commission's accounts for 2009, the most recent year for which figures are available. They have been audited by Saffery Champness.

Item   Expense £
Staff and Commissioners' costs   1,145,031
Accommodation, including insurance   153,356
Telephones and faxes   15,347
Newspapers and other publications   10,531
Office equipment and leases   47,534
Stationery, printing, and sundry costs (inc. monitoring)   35,221
Postage   12,068
Lawyers   78,387
Audit and tax consultancy   45,724
Charter Commissioner/Charter Compliance Panel   34,766
Consultants   40,143
Design and literature   45,730
PR/conferences/entertainment   83,227
Travel and subsistence   28,767
Website and IT costs   23,583
Depreciation   30,788
Bank charges   2,432
Total   1,832,635